Red Ruby Devon Beef

It doesn't get any tastier than grass fed Red Ruby beef so why not try one of our organic beef boxes? We have medium and large boxes or can offer a selection based on your preference.

Our beef comes from our pedigree organic herd of Red Ruby Devon cattle, born and reared on the farm. We have a suckler herd of 26 cows and Ted the bull. The calves stay with their mothers for the first nine months,growing strong and healthy on their mothers milk, and remain on the farm all their lives grazing the lush pastures of Summerhill. When the time comes we take them to a small local abattoir where the beef is hung for a minimum of 2 weeks to allow the flavour and texture to develop.

We take great pride in our herd and they are a central part of the farm system. Red Rubies have an easy going and gentle nature and are a pleasure to work with. An organic suckler herd is a more sustainable and environmentally friendly way of producing beef. Animal welfare is of paramount importance and all our meat is fully traceable.

red ruby cow red ruby cows grazing

More about Red Devons

Ruby Red Devons are a traditional breed, one of the earliest breeds of domesticated cattle in the British Isles. They are renowned internationally for their ability to produce the very finest beef on a low input system. The breed has won plaudits from ‘foodies’ such as Hugh Fearnley-Wittingstall who commented: “Red Ruby Devons are beautiful animals producing beautiful beef.  When grass fed they have an excellent marbling and superb flavour. As far as I am concerned, Red Ruby Devon Beef is as good as it gets! ”

Roussin Lamb

If lamb is your preferred Sunday roast then organic Roussain lamb provides excellent lean meat which is full of flavour. Available as half or whole lamb boxes.

The Roussin sheep are a hardy breed, well suited to Summerhill. They were developed from the Brittany heath sheep, Dishley Leicester and the Southdown. They are adaptable to different soil types and climates and produce premium quality, lean meat with an excellent meat to bone ratio with a full flavour. Lambing in the spring means that the ewes and lambs can benefit from the summer grazing to produce top quality lamb in the autumn.The sheep help maintain the pasture and follow the cattle, grazing more tightly and 'tidying up' after them.


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