Organic Free Range Eggs

Our small flock of hens range on clover rich pastures in a true free range system that provides the perfect diet for the best tasting eggs. We have a mixed flock of Black Rocks, Corals, Silver Links, Brown Nicks, Marans and Blues which produce eggs of mixed sizes and colours from white through to dark brown.

silverlink hen organic eggs

Winner of the Dairy Category, Soil Association Organic Food Awards 2008

Judges comments: ‘A golden egg in every sense of the word. Sadly, the rise of the industrial egg has meant we have largely forgotten how good a real egg can be. Eggs of this quality are one of nature's finest foods, every bit as precious as truffles and worth their weight in gold.’

free range chickens

Our hens are kept in small flocks of no more than 100 birds per hut. The huts are home-made and designed to give the hens all the creature comforts they require when not out on the range, equipped with plenty of perch space for roosting at night and nest boxes where the hens lay their award winning eggs. Shelters give the hens somewhere to get out of the sun on a hot day or somewhere dry if it's raining and dust baths allow the hens to keep their feathers in tip top condition. Organic free range hens always have access to pasture and will spend most of their time outside eating a varied diet including worms, bugs and grubs as well as fresh herbage. It is this varied diet and high standard of welfare that makes Ben's hens eggs taste so good.

If you are interested in stocking our eggs or would like to know where you can buy them , please contact us.

organic coral hen organic hens